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All Masonryan Stone Repairs Indianapolis
Our Story

We are family owned and operated. No sub contractors are used on our job sites. The owner of the property is always
kept up to date on the status of work, and the project
timeline. Making sure the customer is satisfied is the top priority. Every project is managed directly and efficiently to ensure a smooth and worry free process. 

We have been servicing brick on both residential and commercial properties for over 40 years. Every aspect
of our service involves the utmost professionalism and courtesy. We carry full Workman's Compensation
Insurance as well as General Liability Insurance. 

Our employees have over 40 years in production and restoration. Many of our workers have been with the
company since we started and have helped grow Pavan
All Masonry. Most importantly, we understand how critical
it is to get the job done right the first time. Our  job sites are cleaned on a daily basis. Once the work is completed we
clean up beyond compare!

We provide free, no obligation masonry quotes 
throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding
suburbs. We service the entire Indianapolis Metro Area
as well as Bartholomew and Monroe Counties. Our
crew specializes in small to medium sized jobs.

We can be reached from
7 AM to 8 PM Monday thru Saturday
at (317) 474-2837 
or via email:
Stone Chimney Repair
Brick Ovens